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Professor Antonios Papavassileiou
Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery

ENT Prof. Anthony Papavasileiou is a graduate of the Military Medical School and Thessaloniki  University Medical School. PhD at the University of Athens and Director  of  ENT clinic at 401 Army General Hospital in Athens  for 10 years. He had a 3 year training (scholarship by the Greek Army) at the Institute of Laryngology & Otology ,London University,  for Ear and Head and Neck Surgery  in general.He has  an extensive experience in the diagnosis and  treatment, conservative or surgical, of all inflamatory ,allergic  or ongological ORL diseases  in adults and children.He is the Director of ENT clinic  at Athens Medical Center,Psihiko Hospital,the last 30 years,where he has organized a snoring ,apnea and sleep disorders center,for adults and children, applying  modern diagnostic and treatments techniques.

His private office in Pallene is well equipped with allt modern equippment and provides high quality services for the diagnosis and treatment of all otolaryngological, diseases in adults and children, endoscopy, audiometry,tympanometry,dizzinnes, nosebleeds and voice disodrers  management.


  • ENT examination
  • Microscopic examination
  • Endoscopy for ears, nose, nasopharynx, pharynx and larynx with flexible and rigid endoscopes
  • Audiometry,
  • Tympanometry
  • Dizzines management
  • Hearing loss management
  • Nosebleed management
  • Voice disorders management
  • Graduated Military Medical Academy & Thessaloniki University Medical School.
  • Otorhinolaryngologist at ORL Clinic Athens University Medical School.
  • PhD Thesis Athens University Medical School.
  • Training 3y Institute of Otology & Laryngology London University.
  • Director, 10 years, ORL Clinic 401 General Army Hospital Athens.
  • P.Gen. Secretary & P.President Hellenic Rhinologic Society.
  • P.President the Union of Hellenic ORL/gists .
  • P.V. President Panhellenic ORL H & N Society .
  • Organizer the 1st Endoscopic Rhinologic Workshop Jan 2007 Athens.
  • P.Greek delegate European Rhinologic Society 15 y.
  • President European Rhinologic Society 2008-2010 & ISIAN 2008-2009.
  • Invited Speaker ,Moderator and Organizer in many Seminars and Congresses in Greece and abroad: Russia ,USA, Germany, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria , Libya, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Holland, Spain, Italy, Malta, Brazil,China, Egypt, Serbia, Croatia, Cyprus, Japan, England, Iran & Greece.
  • Book on allergic Rhinitis..
  • Many Publications in Greek and foreign Papers and Journals.
  • President & Organizer of the 23rd European Rhinologic Society Congress and of the 26th ISIAN Congress, Crete Greece June 2008.
  • Director ORL Clinic Athens Medical Center -Psihiko Hospital more than 22y now.
  • Named Honorary Prof Beijing Institute of Otolaryngology Dec 2011.
  • Special interest and involvement in Rhinology, Head & Neck and Organiser & Director of ORL Snoring Center in Psihiko Hospital Athens, the last 15 years.
  • Research work at Institute of Otology & Laryngology, London University.
  • Teaching work at Military Nursing School of the Greek Army, in ENT Registras at 401 General Army Hospitals, ORL Clinic Psihiko Hospital and at ENT Hospital London University.
  • Awarded the Greek-Turkish Friendship Award from Turkish Peace & Culture Association and a special Distinction from Greek-French ORL Union.
  • Panhellenic Society of ORL/gy & Head & Neck Surgery
  • The Association of Military Surgeons of USA
  • Association of Head & Neck Oncologists Great Britain
  • European Academy Facial Plastic Surgery
  • American Rhinolgic Society
  • The Royal Society of Medicine London
  • Medical Defense Union London
  • The Association of Military Surgeons of USA
  • NATO Research Study Group 6 on hearing protection
  • Union Hellenic ORL/gists
  • American Rhinolgic Society
  • Hellenic Otolaryngolgy & Head and Neck Surgery Society
  • HellenicRhinologic Society